SubLine Solutions

The Company Behind SubLine Watch

Hello, I'm SubLine Solutions

My name is Christian Diederich, I am the developer of the SubLine Watch and the owner of SubLine Solutions.

Christian Diederich

SubLine Solutions is a sole proprietorship based in Dortmund. I founded it in May 2021 to advance digitization in companies.

As an advocate of simple and high-quality solutions with real added value and with my experience of more than 20 years as a software developer, I confidently compete with large companies with even larger marketing departments.

SubLine Watch is - in addition to various services related to it - the main product of SubLine Solutions.

A Look at the Short History

In 2020, I first had the idea of developing smartwatch solutions as small assistants for employees in production plants.

In contrast to the existing solutions on the market, no bulky and technically outdated industrial smartwatches should be used. I wanted to make the latest technology from the private end-user market industrially usable.

It was also my goal to offer an easy-to-implement on-premises solution that represents an alternative to the cloud and the vendor lock-in that is often associated with it.

The idea of SubLine Watch and with it the company SubLine Solutions was born.

With the first prototypes and customer contacts, it quickly became clear that the demand and thus the niche was larger than I had expected.

However, it turned out that - even if the topic of digitization has been on everyone's lips for several years - many companies are still not "IoT" and thus "SubLine Watch" ready.

To make SubLine Watch accessible to as many companies as possible, in 2023 I transformed SubLine Solutions from a mainly pure software manufacturer to an end-2-end system integrator.