As a system integrator, I take care of integrating the SubLine Watch into your company - with everything that goes with it.

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Preparation and Provision of Data

SubLine Watch processes machine, production, or logistics data based on the MQTT standard.

However, these are not always available in the required quality and quantity.

I would be happy to support you in converting and preparing your data as well as providing an MQTT broker.

Commissioning of Smartwatches

SubLine Watch relies on the latest smartwatch technology for end users and thus avoids bulky, technically outdated industrial smartwatches.

In order to meet the special requirements in terms of operational safety, reliability, and robustness in the industrial environment, these smartwatches have to be modified on the software side.

That's why I give you specially prepared smartwatches pre-installed with SubLine Watch, which you only have to turn on.

Configuration of SubLine Watch

The app must be configured so that SubLine Watch shows you exactly what it is supposed to and alerts you exactly when it is supposed to.

Basically, you can do the configuration yourself at any time.

However, for the initial configuration, it is recommended that we create it together in a workshop. It's convenient, it's quick and you learn in a simple way how you can further optimize your configuration yourself.

Customization of SubLine Watch

SubLine Watch is very flexible and, thanks to extensive configuration options, already fulfills a large number of requirements out of the box.

Sometimes, however, a modification of the app itself is necessary - for example, if you want a rebranding to match your corporate design. In such and similar cases, you will get a version of SubLine Watch that has been specially made for you.

Development of Apps and Services

To get the most out of SubLine Watch, you may need data that you don't have yet. This can be automatically generated data from a backend system, but also data from manual input by your employees via tablets or other devices.

In order to offer you the best possible smartwatch solution, I would be happy to develop the missing components for you.

Personal Support

Mistakes happen - both with SubLine Watch and elsewhere. Or maybe you just have a question.

Should you ever need help, as the owner of SubLine Solutions and developer of the SubLine Watch, I am personally at your side.