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September 7, 2021

Use Case: Subline Watch in Beverage Filling Plants

Industrial smartwatches have long been used across industries in various production systems. The advantages are obvious: They support the staff in production and thus ensure higher plant efficiency. But what exactly are the possible use cases in the beverage industry? What options does the SubLine Watch offer?

Beverage Filling Plant
Filling plants are often spacious, obstructed and noisy


A big advantage of SubLine Watch or smartwatches in general is the delivery of messages. A smartwatch forms a unit with the human body in a way that is hardly possible with any other device. This is a great advantage, especially in filling systems that are flooded with stimuli:

  • SubLine Watch reliably draws the staff's attention to itself. The vibration (haptic), the speakers (auditory) and the display (visual) stimulate multiple human senses at the same time.
  • With just one hand movement, information can be called up quickly and regardless of location. Manual operation of the smartwatch is not always necessary.

The reliable transmission of information eliminates one of the main causes of inefficiencies in filling plants, namely missing or late information.

Together with the new Galaxy Watch 4, the overall solution (smartwatch + SubLine Watch app) goes hand in hand with

  • a high wearing comfort due to a light and compact design,
  • an IP68 certification (dust and waterproof),
  • a reliably fast response time of the app,
  • a large and bright display,
  • an ability of using the watch when wearing gloves and
  • a strong battery power.

Application Scenarios for Time-Critical Events

Alarms can be configured very flexibly with the SubLine Watch, so that almost any event can be reacted to. Below is an exemplary selection of use cases.

Machine Faults

If a machine fault occurs, action must be taken quickly in order to avoid lacks and tailbacks of other machines.

SubLine Watch forwards this information directly and reliably to the staff - regardless of where he is or what he is doing. The display shows additional information about the fault, so that the staff is able to deal with the new situation mentally on the way to the machine and thus act more quickly on site. Special tools can also be taken on the way to the machine or assistance can be requested from a colleague.

SubLine Watch smartwatch shows a machine fault
SubLine Watch shows the most important information about a machine fault


Overturned bottles repeatedly lead to blockages on conveyors.

SubLine Watch can detect blockages through anomalies in a product counter in the vicinity and alert the employee at an early stage - even before the upstream or downstream machine can detect a lack or tailback situation.

Lack of Material

If the material of a machine is running out, there is a risk of a production stop due to a lack of material.

SubLine Watch informs the staff immediately about the missing material so that he can take the material with him on the way to the machine.

Critical Process Values

Critical process values such as temperatures or pressures can have negative effects on production.

With SubLine Watch, both static and dynamic limit values can be defined so that the staff is informed about the event in good time. Limit values or rules can also be defined in such a way that they only apply to certain articles or a certain type of production.

Abruptly Increasing Rejections

If the rejections increase sharply, for example due to the fill height control or the label inspector, action must be taken quickly.

SubLine Watch can use dynamic limit values to react to the rejection counters with an alarm and help to fix the cause of the loss of quality at an early stage.

Upcoming Product Changes

Looking ahead to upcoming events is important. For example, reaching the target order quantity soon in a multi-way glass line can mean that empty bottles that are now still being fed into the system have to be manually removed from the system later. Due to the inertia of the plant, correct timing is important.

SubLine Watch can inform the staff in good time not to add any more bottles to the line.

Display of Any Data

In addition to the alarm function, SubLine Watch also offers the option of displaying any data. The staff can quickly get an overview of the status of the entire plant or view individual production and machine data.

SubLine Watch Smartwatch shows machine data
SubLine Watch shows various machine data

Time-consuming walking distances that would otherwise be necessary to find out about

  • material stocks,
  • machine states,
  • process values such as temperatures, pressures, fill levels of tanks or
  • order or batch-related data such as quantities.

In addition to the time saved, the staff remains more powerful due to the physical relief.

Time Is Money

The listed scenarios ensure an increase in efficiency in filling. Even if there are only minimal optimizations in some cases, these sum up to considerable monetary savings over time.

This is how Dr. Vogt from the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology calculated in his dissertation from 2004 that an increase in the degree of utilization of a medium-sized multi-way glass line of only one percent means annual savings of over 50,000 EUR. This corresponds to a current equivalent of around EUR 70,000 (official inflation rate). When operating multiple or more powerful plants, the savings increase significantly.

In the exemplary case, the one percent increase in the degree of utilization corresponds to an increase in the theoretical production time of around five minutes per shift, which is absolutely within the scope of the SubLine Watch's capabilities.

Of course, the calculation ist very company and plant-specific. Nevertheless, they impressively illustrate the dimensions that can be achieved with the help of these small optimizations.

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