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April 25, 2022

Team Communication with SubLine Watch

The main function of SubLine Watch is the fast and reliable alerting of critical events. If there is a production issue, the responsible staff is alerted immediately. This is usually followed by a walk to the machine causing the fault. But what happens if other team members are also responsible and also receive an alarm message? Up to now, the focus has been on the human component and their ability to communicate to each other. However, unnecessary walking distances could not be completely prevented.

The latest SubLine Watch Release (v1.3.0-0) provides a remedy with a newly added feature. From now on, the shop floor staff can easily accept alarm messages and inform their workmates that they do not need to take any action.

One of the distinguishing features of SubLine Watch is that the necessary interaction with the smartwatch is reduced to a minimum and the staff does not lose focus on the important tasks. This paradigm increases efficiency and was therefore also taken into account when implementing the new feature:

  • Alarm messages are accepted simply by double-touching the display.
  • If several alarm messages of a machine are active, the other messages are also automatically assigned to the user.
  • If a user needs support, they can alert other colleagues by double-touching again.
  • Once the fault has been fixed, the assignment is automatically removed. Manual confirmation is not required.

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