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October 4, 2021

Subline Watch in the BRAUWELT Trade Journal

BRAUWELT, a trade journal for the brewing and beverage industry, reports in the current issue 39-2021 on the main topics of process automation and digitization.

SubLine Solutions was able to report in a guest article about the advantages of smartwatches in bottling plants. Of course, SubLine Watch was not left unmentioned.

Guest article on the cover of the BRAUWELT trade journal
Guest article announced on the title cover

On its website, BRAUWELT writes the following about its current issue:

Im Handumdrehen nutzbar und das im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes sind Smartwatches. Sie erfreuen sich bei sportlichen Privatpersonen bereits größter Beliebtheit, sind im industriellen Maßstab zumindest in unserer Branche aber noch weitgehend unbekannt. Schade, wie Christian Diederich, SubLine Solutions, Dortmund, findet, denn mit Hilfe dieser „intelligenten Uhren“ lassen sich in Abfüllanlagen viele Aufgaben effizienter angehen, was letztendlich Geld sparen kann. Was sie können, wo konkrete Einsatzmöglichkeiten in unserer Branche bestehen und welche technischen Anforderungen zur Einbindung der Smartwatches notwendig sind – das alles finden Sie ab Seite 973.

Translated into English: "Smartwatches can be used in the twinkling of an eye and that in the truest sense of the word. They are already very popular with athletic people in the private sector, but are still largely unknown on an industrial scale, at least in our industry. It's a shame, as Christian Diederich, SubLine Solutions, Dortmund, thinks, because with the help of these "smart watches" many tasks in filling plants can be tackled more efficiently, which can ultimately save money. What they can do, where there are specific possible use cases in our industry and what technical requirements are necessary for integrating the smartwatches - all of this can be found from page 973."

Thank you BRAUWELT, that was exciting and a great experience!

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