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January 26, 2022

Do-It-Yourself Commissioning

Import selected SubLine Watch configurations into 20 smartwatches with just one click? Starting today, even inexperienced customers can easily do this themselves. Other administrative activities, from installation to reading current log messages, can also be done in just a few steps with the SubLine Watch Administrator Tool.

Screenshot of the device management of the SubLine Watch Administrator Tool
Manage a large number of devices and have everything in view

Creating and editing configurations is now much more convenient. With appropriate input options, configurations can now be created quickly and without errors. A built-in plausibility check also examines the configurations for reasonableness and shows possible weaknesses or logic errors - even before you import them into the smartwatches.

Screenshot of the configuration editor of the SubLine Watch Administrator Tool
Create individual SubLine Watch configurations yourself quickly and easily

With the SubLine Watch Administrator Tool, customers can now easily customize and manage their smartwatches themselves. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures better configurations and greater satisfaction.

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