The simplest smartwatch solution to monitor your production and logistics

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A Smart Assistant for Your Staff

To Put It in a Nutshell

SubLine Watch supports your shop floor staff in manufacturing and intralogistics

Real-Time Alerting

SubLine Watch reacts very quickly to critical events. It usually only takes a few milliseconds for a loud sequence of tones and a powerful vibration of the smartwatch to prompt your staff to take action. A quick look at the display is enough to evaluate the situation.

Save Walking Distances

The status and data of your production and logistics can be viewed in just a few simple steps. Time-consuming walking routes through the plant are saved.

Under Difficult Conditions

SubLine Watch has been optimized for the mobile workforce in noisy, spacious and obstructed environments.


SubLine Watch works completely independently. The smartwatch only has to be put on like a normal watch. Complicated operation or carrying a smartphone is not necessary.

Benefits for Your Company

The Advantages Are Apparent

SubLine Watch helps your business in a simple way and without compromise

Immediate Increase in Efficiency

SubLine Watch supports your shop floor staff by making faster and more targeted action possible. Unplanned downtimes are shortened and workflows are optimized. You become more profitable and reduce your cost pressure.

SubLine Watch is simple and understandable. There is no need for time-consuming training of your staff. You therefore benefit from greater efficient from day one.

Universal and Customizable

SubLine Watch has been developed for use in production plants and related areas such as intralogistics. Thanks to extensive configuration options, branch-specific features, individual wishes and non-sector requirements can be easily implemented.

Safe and Low-Risk Operation

SubLine Watch is primarily a pure data receiver that communicates with a broker and never directly with your source systems.

Your data does not leave your network. Unauthorized access can also be prevented through encrypted data transmission and user authentication.

The operation works without a cloud or other external dependencies. You are in control of everything and remain independent.

Fast and Uncomplicated Commissioning

SubLine Watch is based on the MQTT standard and can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape. It doesn't matter whether your data comes from a PLC, MES or another system.