The simple smartwatch solution for monitoring your production plants

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The smartwatch shown here is a Garmin Venu 2 (Photo: Garmin Deutschland GmbH). It is used solely to illustrate the SubLine Watch smartwatch app and has no relation to the product itself.

To Put It in a Nutshell

SubLine Watch supports your employees in the production plant.

  • Real-Time Alerting

    SubLine Watch reacts very quickly to critical events. It usually only takes a few milliseconds for a loud sequence of tones and a powerful vibration of the smartwatch to prompt your staff to take action. A quick look at the display is enough to evaluate the situation.

  • Save Walking Distances

    The status and data of all machines can be viewed in just a few simple steps. Time-consuming walking routes through the production plant are saved.

  • Under Difficult Conditions

    SubLine Watch has been optimized for noisy, spacious and obstructed environments.

  • Comfortable

    SubLine Watch works completely independently. The smartwatch only has to be put on like a normal watch. Complicated operation or carrying a smartphone is not necessary.

The Advantages Are Apparent

  • Immediate Increase in Efficiency

    SubLine Watch supports your maintenance by making faster and more targeted action possible. Unplanned downtimes are shortened.

    SubLine Watch is simple and understandable. There is no need for time-consuming training of your employees. You therefore benefit from more efficient production from day one.

  • Universal and Customizable

    SubLine Watch has been developed for industrial production plants. Thanks to extensive configuration options, industry-specific features and individual requirement can be easily implemented.

    The use of SubLine Watch is not limited to production plants. In principle, any type of data monitoring is possible.

  • Safe and Low-Risk Operation

    Machine data are only transmitted unidirectionally via a broker. Your machine controls are therefore not exposed to any risk.

    Your data does not leave your network. Unauthorized access can also be prevented through encrypted data transmission and user authentication.

    The operation works without a cloud or other external dependencies. You are in control of everything and remain independent.

  • Fast and Uncomplicated Commissioning

    SubLine Watch communicates directly with your MQTT broker and does not require an additional server. If you wish, you can receive individually preconfigured smartwatches that you can use out of the box.

    Don't have an MQTT broker? Are you missing a suitable IoT infrastructure? Let's talk about retrofit solutions.

  • Official MIP Partner of MPDV

    SubLine Watch is part of the ecosystem of MPDV, the market leader for IT solutions in the manufacturing sector. Use the advantages of the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) in combination with SubLine Watch!

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